Gypsies live outside the moral conscience of society. There lies a huge gulf of racism, inequality and discrimination. PAKHIWAS is an organization working to fill this gap by means of empowerment, education and better economic opportunities for the less privileged. Join us to share your care and respect for the most deprived segment of the society.


Pakhiwas is a Punjabi word that means "gypsy"."The word has been widely used to describe the gypsies, nomads and wandering tribal communities who have been kept from development opportunities and social inclusion by various social, economic and racial prejudices. PAKIWAS is an effort to end their marginalization.

Our Story

My name is Muhammad Sabir. The story of PAKHIWAS is my story, but it is also the story of many gypsy children. I have dreamt of this project for years. I do not want any child to have to face the darkness of illiteracy, no matter if he or she is living on a footpath or a makeshift tent. Like other children, gypsy kids need a safe place to live, study and play. Life is hard for children in Pakistan, but PAKHIWAS is meant to be the hope worth working for and supporting. Join with us in this worthy cause.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help every slum kid to have access to education, health and economic opportunities in an environment where human rights are valued and respected. PAKHIWAS is helping slum kids realize their dreams in Pakistan.

Our Causes

With the help of local Pakistani and foreign supporters and volunteers, we create vibrant gypsy communities with access to healthcare, education and economic opportunities.

Community Healthcare


PAKHIWAS supports the health and health education of gypsy community.

Children's Education


Schools in different slums provide daily education to hundreds of children.

Community Development


We help the community by building huts, providing toilets, and supplying them with cows and goats for a sustainable income.


WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to grow PAKHIWAS and provide a safe home, healthcare, education and economic opportunities to more gypsy people and children. Sponsor the women and children of PAKHIWAS. Click the donate button to make a donation today and ensure that we can continue to offer the resources necessary to create a sustainable and vibrant community.

1. $25: Provides free healthcare for 1 person
2. $50: Provides free healthcare for 2 people
3. $75: Provides free healthcare for 3 people
4. $100: Provides free healthcare for 4 people

1. $25: Provides a school uniform for 1 child
2. $50: Provides a school uniform, shoes and school supplies for 1 child
3. $75: Provides breakfast for 15 children each morning
4. $100: Provides breakfast for 20 children each morning

1. $100: Provides monthly wages for 1 person
2. $250: Buys 1 cow for the community
3. $350: Buys 2 goats for the community
4. $500: Provides a donkey, cart and tools.


Be a part of our work at PAKHIWAS. Contribute to the education, community development and healthcare that happen here. Join us in Lahore, Pakistan to touch and be touched by the women and children of the PAKHIWAS community.

Help Teach English


Teach up to 40 children per day who walk over one hour each way for English lessons at PAKHIWAS.

Community Development


Uplift the entire community through projects that benefit the PAKHIWAS community in the urban slums of Lahore.

Health Care


Work side-by-side with the children and women, and teach them sanitation practices and personal hygiene.

Volunteer at PAKHIWAS

Have an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live and work in a gypsy community and make a difference in the lives of the women and children of PAKHIWAS. We make it easy to volunteer. Simply reserve your place with us, and let us do the rest. Live and work in nature where life is simple and simply wonderful. Teach in our school or work on any number of our ongoing community development projects. We promise a life-changing experience.

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What Our Volunteers Say

  • "I truly felt I was making a difference to the community, seeing improvements in the children's English skills."


  • "I am just dying to go back to spend more days there! It was so very special. I learned so much. It was so amazing to be a part of a great family."


  • "I had no idea what an incredible experience I was in for! I was so impressed by the staff (or, as they prefer to be called, 'the sisters') at PAKHIWAS. They are all absolutely wonderful, and really go above and beyond to meet the needs of both volunteers and members of the local community. They were all exceedingly lovely, warm and welcoming."




PAKHIWAS is a unique, one-of-a kind organization where initiative comes from within the organization and people live, learn, work to become self-sufficient.


With our full-time residents, daily visitors, rotating volunteers and generous supporters, there's always something new happening at PAKHIWAS. Read our latest news and events below or click view all news to follow our progression, and help us spread the word about PAKHIWAS. Share our stories with your friends and family to help us create more awareness of the work being done and the difference being made here in Lahore

Pakistan’s Caste System - The untouchable’s struggle


Every morning at sunrise, five-year-old Muhammad Sabir stepped out of his house, sagging a garbage bag to his shoulders, filling it with aluminum, plastic, paper scraps or anything he could find to sell. Salvaging trash to survive, he picked up snippets of newspapers and tried to read them.

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Surviving Pakistan's slums: The extraordinary story of Mohammad Sabir


The son of a daily wager, Sabir is not a typical victim of abject poverty in the city. Reminiscing about how he read Russian literature when he came across old story books while picking garbage in class seven, Sabir says his great challenge in life has been his caste – that he was born…

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